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The Radiant Story

From the time I was little, I loved all things “girly.” Dresses, skirts, forals, ruffles, pink, bows… oh and, makeup!

When I was about 11, I really wanted to wear makeup. My parents thought I was too young, so I found a loop-hole. I took a roll-on glitter that I’d gotten at Bath & Body works and rolled it right on my eyelids to wear as “eye shadow.”

Whewwww. Have you ever taken alcohol and just squirted it right in your eyeballs? Well, that’s what 11-year-old genius me did. It burned like crazy. But what’s worse: I kept doing it! That’s how badly I wanted to play with makeup.

The good: not long after I started playing with real makeup and a few years later I became a makeup artist.

The bad: it took me a LONG time to recognize the impact of product ingredients. While the alcohol sting of the roll-on-glitter should’ve been an indication I wasn’t doing something right, the sudden years of allergies was another sign that I also ignored way too long.

The great: I’m awake now. I realize now just how important it is to understand product ingredients–what they are, what they do, and how the impact our bodies.

This journey to swap dirty products for clean products started a few years ago. I had always had allergies while putting makeup products on–itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes. The frustrating part was I couldn’t seem to pin-point the problem. “Maybe it’s my brushes, or maybe my eyeshadow has bacteria in it, or these minerals are flying up my nose.” I had a lot of theories.

So I started researching. I took products out of my routine. I got allergy tested. I got patch tested.

Then I started having really severe allergic reactions. After a few visits to the hospital, I figured it out one night: it was an allergy to red #4, also known as carmine. It’s in food, cosmetics, and many other products (google it if you really wanted to be grossed out by what it’s made of!).

But this story isn’t really about that one specific allergy, it’s about what was discovered on the journey to figuring that allergy out. It was the discovery of how our products today are filled with toxic chemicals, endrocrine disruptors, skin irritants, and much more.

I also discovered that as I started transitioning away from “traditional” makeup and personal product brands that I felt better. And oncee I dropped the fragrance, I really felt better. (My sinuses are so happy!).

But the journey isn’t over. In fact, it’s just begun. If you’re interested in coming along, I invite you to subscribe to the blog here, join the mission on Instagram, and check out some product try-on videos and reviews on YouTube.